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Journal review of the second edition


The Pharmaceutical Journal

“Published little more than a year after the first edition, this book maintains an impressive currency and command of its subject. … Is it worth buying another copy so soon after the first? Yes, if you absolutely have to be up to date and like your information printed and collated, but for the same price you can subscribe to the website (www.Medreslaw.com) … ” (Joy Wingfield in The Pharmaceutical Journal, Vol 277, 23 September 2006, p373.)

Regulatory Rapporteur

“ … It is an invaluable guide to clinical research within the commercial and non commercial sector … The book is ideal for those in pursuit of a post graduate course in pharmaceutical medicine and related fields.  … It is an essential read for those who wish to quickly grasp the legal basis of clinical research.”
(Dr Gurdyal Kalsi in Regulatory Rapporteur, 3(6) June 2006, p28)

Industrial Pharmacy

“ … it is relatively unusual for a reference book of this type to be re-issued in such a short time span.  The key factors have been the success of the first edition itself and recent statutory developments … Over the days I spent in the company of ‘Medical Law and Research’, I learnt many new things … and reinforced my comprehension of others … I would highly recommend it to any reader working in any aspect of clinical research."
(Madhu Davies in Industrial Pharmacy, Issue 9, March 2006, p26)

Reviews from the 1st Edition

Clinical Research focus

" There are other books and review articles that examine the legal basis of specific aspects of the clinical research process. However, this is the first book I have come across that details the current situation (plus interesting and useful historical background information) across the full scope of clinical research."
( Andrew Smith in Clinical Research focus 15(7), September 2004, p35.)

The Pharmaceutical Journal

" ... there is no doubting that this book constitutes a comprehensive, thorough and up-to-date reference work, bringing together a range of topics of value to the clinical researcher probably not available elsewhere. The fast-moving nature of law in this area is recognised by a companion website on medical law and research ( www.MedResLaw.com ) which, on subscription, will provide quarterly updates. The authors field an impressive range of practical experience and formal expertise to maintain currency."
(Joy Wingfield in The Pharmaceutical Journal, Vol 273, 23 October 2004, p621.)

Applied Clinical Trials, actmagazine.com

"... Medical Law and Research is easy to read, enjoyable, and thought-provoking. ... On the whole, Medical Law and Research is strongly recommended for anyone wishing to better understand the background and present position of medical law in the context of clinical research. ... In order to keep pace with changes, the authors have launched a fully searchable, Web-based version of Medical Law and Research ( www.MedResLaw.com )."
(Nigel J. Crossland in Applied Clinical Trials, actmagazine.com, November 2004, p50.)

Pharmaceutical Physician

"This is a book that fills a real need. ... Ankier has brought his extensive experience and expertise to bear on this work. It has a vast number of references for further information, and covers all the areas that might be relevant to those working in research, both in the industry and at investigator sites. ... This book thoroughly deserves its place on the bookshelf of anyone involved in clinical research. It is up to date, relevant, comprehensive and educational. Reading the chapter on negligence early in one's career should be mandatory!"
(Dr Jane Barrett in Pharmaceutical Physician, Volume 15(5), March 2005, p22.)